SR Filling Station Ltd

SR Filling Station is apparently company Fuel Business since January- 2009. From a humble beginning of services, our fuel filling station encompasses reachable. SR Filling Station is wing of SR Highway Services Ltd. Our business nature Nature of Business: Selling fuel. (Diesel, Octen, Lub oil, Power oil & Break oil). In SR Filling Station 180-200 Car, Bus Lorry and Highway Bus fuel filling per day. 24/7 our own electricity service. This fuel station area 62 Decimal (30,000 sq.ft.). Reserve Capacity: (i) Diesel 43370 Ltr. (ii) Octen 10660 Ltr.

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  • Address: Dhankundi, Sherpur, Bogra Beside of Dhaka - Bogra highway. 35 km south of Bogra city and 50km North of Bangabandhu Jamuna Bridge. (Just front of Food Village Ltd. Complex)
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