Our services

We believe in turning clients into family

Laboratory Analysis

SR chemical has leading Testing laboratories where have facilities to test chemical, raw materials and others.

Our quality control (QC) team always check the product quality after product...


Before commercial delivery SR Chemical Industries Ltd provide sample to the customers by which customer can check the quality of product and get confidence to our products and give us order without an...

After Sales Services

We believe that “Strong customer relationships drive sales, sustainability, and growth.” That’s why we look forward customer satisfaction by providing quality services.


Time on delivery

As SR chemical Industries Ltd is the part of SR group where else we are enriched in transportation and courier services. That’s why we can give faster delivery of products.

It is ou...

Training & Technical Support

We will provide adequate training and technical support to our business partners and clients by which they will learn more from us for product development and in research.

Our skilled eng...