SR Parcel Services Ltd

S.R Parcel Services Ltd. is apparently a family owned Parcel company specializing in transportation of Parcels Booking services since 14th March 2011. SR Parcel Services Ltd. is a wing of SR Highway Services Ltd. We have own 54 PCs Covered van. Large Covered van 32 PCs. 7 Ton. We take pride in mentioning that our fleet of buses includes the most models of Covered Van imported from India. The company at present operates more than 54 (Fifty-Four) Covered Van on schedule routes employing over 200 trained staff and safely transporting over 1.5 million customers a year. Our services are – Parcels Booking, Conditions Booking, Customer service by skilled employee, Condition money send so first. Use sophisticated online service to send money quickly from any place of the country, Special service for caring all kinds of emergence medicines, all time observation by CCTV at central control cell for goods safety.

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